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As Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria is positioned firmly in the heart of continent’s fashion scene. Fashion design industry has contributed a lot to the country’s economy, especially with the emergence of various standard and advanced fashion schools. The fashion industry in Nigeria is constantly promoting productivity, creativity, culture, and job creation. Here are the best 3 luxury fashion design schools in Nigeria.

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy

01. Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy: Kathy Anthony fashion academy has the latest clothing brand in Nigeria. They are one of the best fashion experts that go an extra mile to see that their customers are satisfied. Kathy Anthony impresses her clients with delectable and world-class designs of modern trends of fabrics. They are classic Nigerian designers when it comes to making dresses for any occasion, evenings, owanbes, and conferences.

StyleTemple Fashion Academy

02. StyleTemple Fashion Academy: StyleTemple fashion Academy (SFA) is advancing the course of fashion industry in Nigeria through the production of world class designs with quality fabrics. They train people the act of fashion design with state-of-arts facilities. It has been on the records over the years that graduates from SFA are versatile and dynamic designers and fashion entrepreneurs.

The Moofa School of Fashion Design

03. The Moofa School of Fashion Design: The Moofa School of fashion design (MSFD) was established in 2011 with the sole purpose of providing aspiring fashion professionals in Africa with the requisite Skills, Experience and Attitude necessary to become top fashion designers in Africa. They teach the students how to create contemporary and edgy pieces of designs with directional styling. They transform old-fashioned styles to a perfect trending design with their innovative skills. Forms for admission into this fashion school are available at their head office in Lagos, Nigeria.



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