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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this week:

  1. Twitter now speaks Swahili! Marking the first African country recognized on Twitter
  1. Democratic Republic of Congo announced outbreak of Ebola to World Health Organization (WHO) with 17 reported deaths as of 9th May, 2018. Some countries like Nigeria have already started screening at borders of travellers from high risk countries.
  1. Nigerian President Buhari announced he will travel to the United Kingdom again for medical care, drawing concerns about his ability to run Africa’s most populous nation.
  1. Lagos Bridal Fashion Week happened from 4th to 6th May in Lagos, Nigeria. Follow all the wonderful pictures and runway shows on the official Instagram page of Lagos Bridal Fashion Week. We also covered some of our favorites for Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 right here on Vieews blog.Bibi Lawrence Jumpsut
  1. Vanilla shortage looms due to shortage of supplies from top world supplier, Madagascar. This is not good news as some of the largest consumers of vanilla approach summer with increased demand for vanilla flavored ice cream.
  1. Tanzania recently announced Blogger Tax of $930 USD, but Tanzanian Bloggers won a temporary court order to block this the implementation of this tax, citing violations of freedom of expression and privacy of internet users. Good for them!
  1. The Lesbian coming of age movie, Rafiki, banned in Kenya was premiered in Cannes Film Festival as the first Kenyan movie to be selected for the Festival.
  1. Sentenced to death in Sudan for killing ‘rapist husband’, Noura Hussein now has human right groups fighting to have the sentence You can sign the petition here.
  1. Cape Town nearly ran out of water…yep, you heard right. However, the city has managed to avert the disaster for now.
  1. Finally, good luck to Morocco unveiling bid for world cup 2026, not without some controversy & competing against a joint bid from USA, Canada & Mexico.


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