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The African Forest Forum is an association of individuals that are dedicated to the wise use, sustainable management and conservation of Africa’s tree and forest resources for the stability of the environment and to improve and enhance the economic and social well-being of Africans.

Img src: African Forest Forum website.

Its vision is to be the top forum that unites and connects stakeholders in African forestry both in and outside the continent. The forum main purpose is to create a platform where information and expertise can be shared in order to create a stable environment

This Forum has a Facebook, Twitter, Google, account where people interested in the forum can engage with the association. The long-term impacts are built on the wide and growing membership in the forum both in Africa and abroad. The forum’s accomplishments address its main themes of sustainable forest management, forest ecosystem services, forest policy creation and implementation, trading forest products and services, and skills development

The African Forest Forum is focused on improving the ecosystem of Africa.



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