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Africasokoni is fiercely focused on the challenge of redefining online shopping in Africa. Africasokoni is Pan-Africa, strongly believing that Africa must do business with itself and the world but only on its terms. Africasokoni is interested in a deliberate handing over of control and agency back to the African – seller or buyer involved in commercial activities. As Africasokoni is formed by Africans, the owners are aware of the challenges of unreliable order delivery and fulfilment and condescending vendor support, which online shoppers constantly experience.

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In essence, Africasokoni seeks to create a natural, seamless and extremely easy shopping experience where buyers will always get what they order. Customer service will constantly be available to support the buyer through all the easy processes and delivery will always be punctual.  Africasokoni offers a new experience for vendors by treating them with professionalism and respect. Customers can learn more about how Africasokoni goes about redefining the African shopping experience through its Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Africasokoni is concerned with redefining every facet of online shopping in Africa.



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