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afriQloud is a union of several hi-tech companies especially telco and Internet, with a drive of making technology accessible to emerging markets. Hans van Linschoten, the CEO of afriQloud, decided to bring the company down to Africa and set camp at Uganda in 2016. The company provides a secure cloud environment for users to operate IT programs and store data efficiently.

afriQloud - Vieews

Services are rendered on a pay-as-you-go basis as well as subscription models, to provide services to both private and public users. afriQloud aims to be efficient as cloud service providers with a cloud environment that is compatible in most countries in the African continent. They are also willing to work with top tech companies to provide a distribution layer to increase their local presence in Africa. Interested parties can follow their progress on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The information technology industry in Uganda is growing by leaps and bounds, and afriQloud contributes to this growth by making it easy for emerging markets to access technology.




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