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Deya Mais, Angolan crowdfunding startup was created in 2017 with the aim to offer people interested in a project or charity cause a medium to help with the token they have. Deya Mais is similar to GoFundMe and Kickstarter. The startup is the first of its kind in Angola, but this has not slowed it down. The main concept behind the startup is that it gives back to the community as much as it takes from it. With the expert, capable and fully committed hands on Doriel’s team, the objective is fast becoming achievable.

Deya Mais

The introduction of Deya Mais has increased the survival chances of budding entrepreneurs and humanitarian projects in Angola. In 2017, Deya Mais won the TechinAfrica award for the best Startup of the year. The startup can be reached via Twitter. With more Angolans embracing the idea behind Deya Mais with each passing day, the startup is fast becoming a very important one to the Angolan economy.



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