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Otchitanda is one of the fast-growing online marketplaces in Angola that provides an easy and stress-free platform to sell and buy almost everything. It is becoming popular because it allows people to sell new or pre-use items thereby making money from the comfort of their home. For buyers, there is no limit to what you can purchase with your smartphone or PC. Similar items are available which can enable you to buy the one that fits into your budget.

At Otchitanda their delivery is swift, and they also offer a classy customer service, where all their customers are given the best treatment. They have a user-friendly website that makes shopping simple

Angolan E-marketplace

As a seller, images of the items you want to sell will be posted for free on the site hence getting maximum efficiency in regards to reach and profit. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get updated about their activities. This is great news for Angolans as this platform will give people the opportunity to earn a living by selling their fairly-used item or new items thus promises a better tomorrow for Africa’s e-commerce Industry.




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