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The Xyami brand is a multiplex chain of malls located across Angola. The brand aims at conveying the importance of trust and familiarity through a positive image; this is evident in its name and logo. They are also bent on showcasing the proud origins of Angola in their mode of service delivery and communications.

The mall features a commercial area of 23,000-meter sq. , boasting of 70 stores. It has an exclusive restaurant area with a Cinemax movie hype market inclusive. The stores offer both local and international brands to cater to the various needs of their customers. They have a warm reception shown in their personalized method of service delivery, excellent and easy access, as well as a friendly and modern architecture.

Xyami - Vieews

Fashion is also an encouraged sector in the Xyami mall that the mall organizes a pageant for their loyal customers. Keeping up with their mantra ‘Center of our Earth’, the mall has employed the values of proximity, confidence and genuineness in their dealings with customers.

Their progress can be tracked through their Facebook and Instagram pages. This is a leap in the Angolan Products/Services category as Xyami has provided a platform for easy exchange of goods and services and also leading to a shift in the economy as both National and International products are made available.




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