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Bold and beautiful wax print fabrics designs are indelibly stamped into African inspired fashion scenes. However, the creativity does not stop at fashion accessories, here we look at some of the non-fashion category Ankara styles that have fascinated us in the world of Ankara creativity this week.

1. Chair designs from @miziziafricaninspired (Nigeria)

2. Be inspired by these stylish chairs from @madoido_ke (Kenya)

Nature is the ultimate inspiration. ???

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3. Vibrant summer handfan via @africaboutik (Ghana)

4. Home decor Lamp shading from @sitariahinteriors (Nigeria)

5. Yes, you see it too… wax print toilet roll holders from @vazikali21 (Kenya)

6. Your next stylish travel neck pillows by @laflorecollections (Nigeria)

7. Of course, Ankara stationery, why wouldn’t you have one 😉 from @frifavour (Cameroon)

8. Wow your guests with some wax print inspired table clothes from (Ghana)

9. More stationery from @madeintz1 made by @neemacrafts (Tanzania)

10. Don’t forget your headphones also need some wax prints, go see @touri_ng (Nigeria)

11. Wall art gorgeorness from @beadornedbyyettie (Nigeria)

12. Throw some pillows with @ntomatrends (Ghana)

13. Unique coasters from (Nigeria)

14. Transform your living or bar space with @jerry_mikel & @touri_ng (Nigeria)

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