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Ardmore is a South-Africa based brand that utilizes ceramic pieces in fabricating exquisite lifestyle products such as jugs, vases, tureens, sculptures, etc. The ceramics brand founded in KwaZulu-Natal by Fee Halsted now boasts mind-blowing studio and gallery situated in Natal Midlands, South Africa.

Ardmore works by great dimensions and its host of professionals gear efforts towards making the best out of clay and paint. To extend its tentacles of operation beyond the local level, Ardmore tirelessly partners with global brands. This not only enables the ceramics brand to carve out exquisite objects but also develop limited-feature pieces into personal ornaments and household furnishings.


With the portrayal of ceramic beauty in focus, Ardmore has supplied various international galleries and museums with fashionable collectibles that forever remain in the collections of these arthouses. To find out more about Ardmore, you can get in touch with the South African brand through its Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is interesting news for people who fancy ceramics and would love to beautify their homes with iconic items of ceramic finish.




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