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African Renewable Energy Distributor (ARED) is a HARD TECH as Service Company (HAAS) founded by Henri Nyakarundi in 2013. It is a platform set to alleviate poverty by making micro-entrepreneurship available at a low cost.

ARED uses solar technology to help people operate a micro business model. They have solar-powered kiosks otherwise known as Shikri Hub. This solar kiosk is capable of charging over 30 mobile phones at once and also has a router system to give smartphone users access to the internet without incurring network usage costs. This kiosk is portable and can be towed with the aid of a bicycle or a motorbike. The solar panels are foldable to ensure safe storage, and the booth also comes with a lithium battery bank that allows operators to work at night if needed.

ARED - Vieews

ARED also has an additional revenue stream where prepaid services such as mobile money, airtime and online subscriptions are provided. The app also includes tax payment services to users and has an intranet network where branding for companies, data collection and user analytics are provided. Interested users can track their progress through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is good news for micro-entrepreneurs as this business is open to small scale entrepreneurs as well as women and people with disabilities.




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