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Babban Gona (Hausa meaning for “Great Farm”) is an agricultural enterprise founded by Doreo Partners, an Impact Investing Company, with a vision statement of making 1 million farmers richer by 2025. This company is of the view that before the full economic potentials of Nigeria can be realized, the country must first become a worldwide agricultural powerhouse. The key to this future is in small-holder farmers and in taking advantage of nature, labor, and markets gifts of Nigeria.

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Babban Gona gives farmers access to economic and high-quality training, agricultural inputs, financial services, and marketing services. The agricultural franchise of Babban Gona overcomes low economies of scale which is the main structural challenge that keeps smallholder farmers poor.

This company provides economical end-to-end services for several of these farmer groups through a private sector channel. The services maximize labor productivity, yields and increase market access.

Baban Gona optimizes the full potential of smallholder farmers by transitioning them from subsistence to commercial farming.

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