May 19, 2017 Posted by vieews in Social Media

It’s ‘Friyay’ again and somewhere out there, someone this very minute is going to use TGIF hashtag on Insta *sigh*.  Sorry to break it to you but you must resist the urge because we want you to be great — we really do.

Instagram is a beautiful place, absolutely beautiful but it uses fairly stringent ‘bot’ (robot) policing methods to keep the site clean. Hashtags get flagged and yep, #tgif is on that flag list.

What happens when you use a banned hashtag? You basically called the police to your home with your arrest warrant. In insta land, this means your account is now being monitored and any more infractions gets you the ban… more details to be continued in another post.

In the meantime, not to worry if you have used this hashtag, it’s only you and 25 million bots making this schoolboy error every Friday 😉



Tgif search results


TGIF details on insta


Happy posting !