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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa recently, catch the last biggest news edition 13, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #14;

Politics & Conflicts

  • 1. Boko haram hit again!!

The commonly known militia group in Nigeria has again made another attack. This time as their culture, they have kidnapped 15 girls in a village near Toumour, southeastern Niger. Abductions of schoolgirls have been a Boko Haram horror imprint, since its soldiers in 2014 kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls in Chibok, Borno State, in Nigeria.

  • 2. Tanzanian President Magafuli’s crackdown on homosexuals has potentially threatens aid.

The current homophobic action taken by H.E John Magufuli on the crackdown on homosexuals in the country is nearly costing the country. This is also as the European Union withdrew its ambassador to Dar es Salaam and review its millions in dollars aid kit to the East African country.

  • 3. Scots come in rescue for the Mali’s dire need of humanitarian help.

The government of Scot has given the Government of Mali £300,000 from its Humanitarian Emergency Fund (HEF) to support provide indispensable supplies that the country really needs. The cash will be targeted on the Mopti region, where almost half of the homes have inadequate food and humanitarian needs are said to have intensified most due to inter-community dispute.

  • 4. Stolen artifacts to eventually find their way home.

Nigeria which plans to open a museum in the year 2021 will be the home to some of the stolen Benin bronzes that were looted during the Benin Expedition of 1897. The African nation’s Royal Museum will be ‘furnished’ after Benin Dialogue Group which includes Nigerian representatives and European museum officials—in the Netherlands at the beginning of the month came to the agreement…

  • 5. Tanzania’s national education policy cost them three hundred million dollars.

Loans worth over 300 million dollars that were to be funded by the World Bank has been withheld. This was due to the East African country’s policy of expelling pregnant girls from school. The country’s top administration went a step further in June, declared that students would not be allowed to return to the learning institutions after giving birth.

6. Drug tests against ebola started in Congo

The four therapeutic drugs that will be used to treat patients are mAb 114, ZMapp, Remdesivir and Regeneron, according to Congo’s Health Ministry. The trials have already begun in various parts of the affected areas in Congo. So far in the prevailing outbreak in Congo, there have been 365 confirmed Ebola incidents with 189 deaths, according to numbers provided by the health ministry Sunday.

7. Nigeria port official reject a hefty handout.

Administrators of Nigeria Customs Service have renounced a bribe sum of over four hundred thousand dollars the national police spokesperson wrote on Twitter on Friday.
According to Mr.Shogunle, the officials at the Apapa Command of customs in Lagos discarded the dollar bribe from an importer who wanted to clear a container of Tramadol.

8. Huge losses for Tanzanian farmers.

The government of United Republic of Tanzania has seized the major cash crop grown around Lindi and Mtwara region. This was done as an act of the government trying to reduce the negative impact middlemen or brokers of the cash crop bring about to the real farmers. The government made this by only paying verified farmers. Find the full story here

9. Roads worth €322 Million for two African countries

One of the biggest African banks, The African Development Bank has approved over three hundred mllion Euros in Loans and Grants to Tanzania and Burundi for road construction. The money will help two East African countries with some major road construction from stalled to completely new projects.

  • 10. Tons and tons of worlds lightest metal discovered in Mali.

Mineral explorers have discovered huge reserves of Lithium in Mali. The reserves which could be holding the ‘black gold’ in hundreds of thousands of tons. Lithiums is in high demand majorly in the Tech companies. The discovery is set to uplift Mali’s economy by big margins.

  • 11. A militant groups claims responsibility for 188 deaths in Nigeria

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack held in some camps in the West African country. Reliable sources say that dozens of Nigerian soldiers were killed. The militant group made the claim on a website. This and more of the story click here

  • 12. Freeman Mbowe arrested in Dar-Salaam.

Tanzania’s leader of the opposition was arrested on Friday after failing to obey two court orders. This is because he is accused of organising protest illegal in the country’s capital. Chadema leader Freeman Mbowe was arrested at Kisutu court alongside fellow opposition Mrs Matiko, where they and seven others were attending a trial hearing for their participation in a protest.

  • 13. Tanzania joins Rwanda and Kenya in establishing car assembly plants in the region.

Reginald Mengi a tycoon in Tanzania has signed a multi-million dollar deal with with a South Korean company called Youngsan Glonet Corporation. The other company on the other side of the table was Mengi’s IPP Group. The car assembly plant is expected to create over 1000 jobs in the country. The assembly plant is expected to be completed later next year.

Img src: Youngsan car kit.

  • 14. Africa’s top telecommunication giant set for IPO.

Bharti Airtel picked Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and six others to manage the initial public offering of its African unit, as the Asian mobile phone operator works toward the much-awaited listing plan. Still, Bharti is expected to retain a 72% stake in its Africa operations after the sale. Some of the bank appointed are Absa Group Limited, Barclays Bank PLC, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs among others.

  • 15. Corruption in the oil industry in Nigeria.

Shell and Eni paid 1bn for one of West Africa’s largest oil fields, situated off the coast of Nigeria. The payment was equivalent to a large percentage of Nigeria’s proposed a previous year’s health budget, but the money did not benefit the country’s citizens. Instead, it went to a company called Malibu Oil and Gas, which was secretly owned by the former oil minister who had granted his company rights to the oil field in. Find the story here

  • 16. ‘We are what Mauritius is’, claims China.

Mauritians only make up around 2-3 per cent of the population, but their influence is probably around 30 per cent as we punch well above our weight, as some of the citizens claim. China has heavily invested in the country starting way back in the 1800s. The former British colony which got independence in 1968 is the multicultural and a handful of the Chinese.

  • 17. Bleaching, bleaching not…

Blac chyna has been put under the limelight for selling a cream in Nigeria that is alleged to be containing some skin lightening elements. The owner in an interview when asked of the claims did not deny the allegations but she said that was not the purpose of the selling the body cream. Many skin-lightening products are not banned in Nigeria, where 77% of women are reported to use some form of them on a regular basis according to WHO. The brand launched in 2014.

Img src: Whitenicious.

  • 18. Chinese nubbed in Kenya for alleged corrupt dealings.

The arm of the law has caught up with seven Chinese officials of the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC). They are involved in bribing an investigation team to a tune of Ksh 500,000 which is equivalent to $4,850. They will be taken to court on Monday together with some other four Kenyan. Click here for the full story.

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