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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa recently, catch the last biggest news edition 14, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #15;


1.A Country in Central Africa  separatists abducts 15 kills 1 in a town.

One person was killed in an attack by the English-Speaking separatist in Cameroon. The attack on the French-Speaking separatist had 15 of the kidnapped. Kidnappers are calling for the release of their leader who has been jailed and is facing the death penalty.


2.Boko Haram Kills 14 policemen and military men in Nigeria.

A Nigerian Army reports state that 14 armed forces men were killed in the line of duty on Christmas Eve. Nigerian  Army has been fighting Boko Haram’s Islamic insurgency for close to ten years now. The continued threat is a major issue for President Muhammadu Buhari as he seeks a second term in February’s election.


3.Ghanians’ take on Six new Regions

The people of Ghana are voting in parts of the country in a plebiscite intended at creating six new regions across the West African nation.

The new regions the referenda is seeking to create are the Western North, Ahafo, Bono East, Oti, North East and Savannah regions according to The Electoral Commission, EC.

4.Rwanda genocide trigger probe shelved

French justices have dropped a long-running probe into the shooting down of a plane carrying the former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana. His passing in 1994 was a trigger of the genocide.

A French query began four years later at the request of relatives of the French crew members who died.



5.Fatal car bomb explosions hits Somali capital

A blast occurred in central Mogadishu, near the National Theatre, the presidential palace and the Daljirka Dahson monument. Clouds of smoke rose over the streets, and a heavy police presence was reported in the area. Fifteen lives were lost by the car bomb as twenty others were injured, according to the official, Ibrahim Jama.


6.A Nigerian Chief marshall’s murders arrested

The Nigerian police have said in a statement they had arrested two main suspects who participated in the killing, and three other suspects. They are now in police custody undergoing investigation. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari immediately ordered the security forces to arrest the killers to bring them to book.



7.Embrace natural hair:Uganda President

These were the words echoed by Uganda’s president when he aired an opinion about the recently crowned Miss world Uganda. Mr Museveni through his spokesman Don Wanyama said the model’s hair was an unnatural wig, he was saying she should wear her natural hair.




8.Angola advised to exploit other economic activities other than oil exploration

Africa’s second-biggest oil yielder should lessen the economy’s dependence on oil and its vulnerability to the commodity’s price fluctuations so that sufficient means can be made available to develop living standards in the nation, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde stated.

This was as a 3.7 billion dollars loan was approved by the IMF.




9.Transformation of education for thousands of students in Africa

Due to poor internet coverage, teachers in remote schools previously had to travel long distances to access educational material. Launched in 2015 the iKnowledge project, led by Avanti Communications and supported by the UK Space Agency aimed to equip rural areas with satellite internet. By providing teachers with the skills and capability to adopt new technology, it is making a practical and significant difference in the lives of children in rural Tanzania.



10.Telecommunication Gaint Shares Jump as Company Settles $8.1 Billion Nigeria Case

MTN Group Ltd. shares jumped as much as 8.2 percent after the phone carrier settled allegations it illegally transferred $8.1 billion of funds out of Nigeria, ending a crisis that had threatened its operations in Africa’s most populous country. The Central Bank of Nigeria’s decision to clear MTN of wrongdoing in its repatriation of dividends over an eight-year period means it will cost the Johannesburg-based company just $52.6 million.




  1. Sudan’s Journarlists protest against their longest serving presifdent.

Media workers in the African nation have faced threats including arrest and torture since the protests began, the Sudanese Journalist Network said in a statement, urging the government to respect their freedom of expression. They began a three-day strike to protest the alleged intimidation as they try to report on week-long demonstrations against President Umar al-Bashir’s government.



12.Beheaders in Morocco arrested.

Moroccan authorities announced Wednesday that more suspects were arrested in connection with the Islamic State-inspired murders of two Scandinavian hikers in the High Atlas Mountains, bringing the total number to 19. The two women were found dead on Dec. 17 in their camping tent in a remote area of the Atlas Mountains.



13 Jounalist clash in Tunisia.

Abderrazek Zorgui posted a video on social media before he died on Monday, saying that he was going to set himself alight due to the difficult social circumstances experienced by him and his family. The union also condemned the countries which have contributed to making the field of journalism a “hot-bed” for corruption.


14.US issues travel warnings to Tanzania for its take on LGBTIs

The State Department has urged US citizens to exercise increased caution while in Tanzania due to concerns over crime, terrorism and official actions targeting people on the basis of their gender or sexual identity. Terrorist groups continue plotting possible attacks in Tanzania, the advisory states.


15.Ali Bongo’s first public appearance since stroke on the the new year day.

The president of Gabon Ali Bongo will make a first public address during the new year after a stroke attack in Saudi Arabia in the past few weeks. The president has put the Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet to steer the country until he returns back to the country and to the citizens.



16.Twenty more people die trying to cross to Europe.

Algerian coastguards on Sunday reported they had found the bodies of a mother and her daughter who were among 20 migrants to go missing in the Mediterranean after their boat caught fire. The blaze hit the vessel as it carried 27 migrants, all from Algeria, the country’s state office said. A survivor told the Echourouk online outlet that passengers jumped into the sea as the fire spread.



17.ISIL claims responsibility for Libya’s recent attack via its Amaq website.

Plumes of smoke were seen rising from the building as ambulances, paramedics and security forces gathered outside foreign ministry in the capital, Tripoli, killing at least three people, including a senior civil servant, the authorities said. Ten other people were wounded in what officials said was a suicide attack carried out.



18.The Commission delays election resultss in Madagascar.
Madagascar’s electoral commission has delayed results of last week’s Presidential run-off as it investigates alligations by former President Marc Ravalomanana of violence.
With more than 90% of the votes counted, he trails Andry Rajoelina who ousted him a 2009 coup.



19.French terror suspect arrested in Djibouti.

Charlie Hebdo who killed 12 people has been arrested in Djibouti. Speaking about Cherif’s arrest, the French defence minister, Florence Parly, told RTL radio: “It shows the fight against terrorism is a long-haul action and if you stay committed then you obtain results.”

Cherif was one of France’s most-wanted terror suspects.



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