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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this past week, catch last week’s biggest news edition 3, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #4;

1. Egyptian football star, Mo Salah injured in the Champions League Final with Real Madrid but with World Cup 2018 looming from 14th June, 2018, will he recover in time? He plays for Egypt in Group A in the Egypt vs. Uruguay match on 15th of June, so can the celebrated Egyptian international player recover in time to inspire Egypt? Follow some of the updates here and here.

Img src: YouTube vid

Watch the moment of injury here:



2. Nigeria Super Eagles release new football kit in time for the World Cup 2018 with some star power, from Wizkid and other Nigerian sports starts such as Wildred Ndidi and more. See some of the kits here. Unfortunately, a lot are now sold out but you can still get some from Nike.


3. On more football news, Liverpool Forward Sadio Mane is said to have donated 300 Liverpool shirts to his hometown, the Senegalese village, Bambali. He is due to play in Senegal vs. Poland world cup match on the 19th of June in the World Cup 2018. Talk about not forgetting your roots 😉



4. The Biafra dialogue in Nigeria resurfaced this past week with a stay-at-home protest from the Biafran Separatists in the South-East region. The region of the country is said to have been shut down by the volume of closed businesses taking part in the protest.

Img src: Proposed Biafra Flag.


5. The world has a new ‘Spiderman’ in Malian 22-year-old undocumented immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama, in France, who was granted French citizenship this week following his heroic rescue of a child in Paris. The child was hanging off the balcony four floors up and Mamoudou scaled all floors without any climbing tools, Spiderman style 😉 (see video). He also received an internship with the fire services.

Img: screenshot of Mamoudou scaling the building.

Img src: BBC Vid




6. Some East African countries still at it with the supposed fake news clampdown; this week, Uganda presses ahead with gossip tax for use of WhatsApp and Facebook. Apparently, the government wants to enforce a 5 cent/200-shilling fee daily on use of messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and such. Interesting 😐


7. Algeria seizes 700 kg of cocaine worth millions and millions of dollars found on a container ship named Vaga Mercury with the contents of the ship labeled as Halal meat. Good haul by the authorities.



8. African Swine fever breaks out in South Africa Northern Cape, affecting pigs. The disease is seen to be chronic with up to 100% death and spreads quickly among pigs that have been in contact. Hope it can be curbed quickly.

Img src: free images.


9. Rwanda is on a mission to change the narrative of the country with the country’s official promotion brand Visit Rwanda welcoming visitors into the landlocked country. Having experienced quick industrialization thanks to the policies of the government, it recently signed a 3-year ‘Visit Rwanda’ tourism partner logo on sleeve deal with Arsenal UK football club worth an estimated £30mil GBP. Recent figures already report a 21% increase in UK visitors visiting the region. Also spotted recently was American TV Host Ellen DeGeneres in Rwanda to kick off a research center part of the Gorilla Fund.

Img src: Arsenal FC

Img src: Ellen D at the Rwandan safari visiting gorillas.


10. Nigerian Entertainer, Falz TheBahdGuy, releases a monumental song with video titled ‘This Is Nigeria on the Nigerian Democracy day. The song is inspired by Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’, and aimed at summing up the state of events currently happening in the most populous country of Africa.




11. Burkina Faso’s parliament abolishes death penalty, making it the 20th country in Africa to do so, in new penal code. Congratulations to them, the Justice team says the revised document paves the way for “more credible, equitable, accessible and effective justice in the application of criminal law”.

Img src: free images


12. Buhari approves the ‘not too young to run’ bill reducing the presidential age limit from 40 to 35. This signals the government is paying attention to the needs of the people across Africa opining on the lack of younger political candidates across the continent.



13. Gambia Former Leader, Jammeh, back again featured this week for yet another accusation of bogus and deadly HIV cure programme that proved ineffective. Apparently in 2007, the president proclaimed he had invented a cure for HIV/Aids. Read more here on AllAfrica.com.


14. Abuse of Tramadol spotlighted in Nigeria due to its prevalent availability and usage in the country. After codeine based cough syrup was banned a short while ago, another drug, Tramadol is back in the news to shed light on another growing issue.

Img src: free images


15. Ebola watch carries on with aid workers moving in this past week as well as the distribution of the vaccine with nearly 700 said to have received the vaccine.

Img src: Vaccine .


Stay tuned for next week’s big round up



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