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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this past week, catch last week’s biggest news edition 4, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #5;

1. Sports roundup

  • While we are still hoping Mo Salah’s speedy recovery for the Egypt’s world cup kick off, more news of the Liverpool Star’s rumoured potential transfer to Barcelona featured in the news recently.

  • Nigeria – England Friendly Match did not go so well for Nigeria, the match resulted in 2-1 to England.
  • South Africa vs England play on the 9th of June in Rugby
  • Released on the 1st of June, ultra-popular Nigerian World Cup Football kit collaboration with Nike sell-out in minutes prompting criticisms from Nigerians on the limited availability after Nike confirms there were no plans to restock. They were very attractive shirts so no surprise to their popularity even with non-Nigerians. The World Cup football kits have been ranked number1 for all time World Cup kits.

Watch the queue for the shirt in London.

No plans to re-stock image of tweet from Nike.

You can still purchase the football boots. 😉

2. Ghana football in the news for corruption scandal after top Ghanaian African referees caught on camera accepting cash. The highest FIFA member Kwesi Nyantakyi apparently caught up in the sting and now banned by FIFA. The Ghana Football Association to be dissolved as a result of this operation.

Watch the investigation :



3. Forbes releases 30 Under 30 annually of the 30 inspirations shaking up the business and entrepreneurship world. The latest release from Forbes Africa featured 90 people in the Under 30 with 3 different categories for the first time. See the full list here.

Img src: Forbes Africa.

4. China and Nigeria sign bilateral currency swap deal that aims to provide adequate local currency liquidity to Nigerian and Chinese industrialists with guidelines published by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

5. Tanzania co-joined twins die at age 21 after suffering complications, leading to national mourning to the sisters who celebrated their education at the University of Tanzania September 2017.

Img src: the twins in school video.

6. Africa keeps JPMorgan busy this season for London IPOs coming out of Africa from at least 6 companies seeking to list in London Equity Markets. Companies such as Dangote Cement looking to invest in the next two years, Vivo Energy currently listed, Libstar Holdings, and more, all feature on this list.



7. Eritrea and Ethiopia end longest Africa war as Ethiopia offers peace deal to Eritrea. Even though the war ended in 2000, the two countries still had friction due to several geopolitical threats, however Ethiopia agreed to accept the Ethio-Eritrean boundary commission ruling on the 5th of June.

8. So Ellen Degeneres was in Rwanda and one of the Backlash over Ellen’s Rwanda picture deemed to be classed as ‘poverty porn’. The rhetoric of the backlash was why the Talk Show Star did not focus on images of the luxurious dwelling or other outings in Africa but chose this image instead. Do you see a problem with the image? Let us know in your comments below.

Img src: Ellen DeGeneres Twitter post.

9. The second largest country in Africa by population, Ethiopia is on a mission to let investors back in with Aviation and Telecoms leading the charge, after lifting its state of emergency; can Ethiopia be the next China while undergoing remarkable political transformation never seen in the country’s recent history? Museveni to honour Ethiopian PM with Uganda’s highest medal for African heroes…



10. Kenyan forest plane crash discovered with 10 on board, 2 pilots and 8 passengers, reportedly with no survivors, two days after the crash. All 10 bodies have been discovered, with the President, Uhuru Kenyatta, promising assistance to family of victims.

Img src: announcement from SAX airline.



11. President Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi’s leader vows to step down in 2020 in a surprise announcement on Thursday 7th June. This came as a surprise as the President was seeking extension of the Presidency even after ruling since 2005, leading to speculation of potential unrest if the constitution was changed to allow for more time in the office.

Img src: YouTube vid.

12. Three-time world champion, Asbel Kiprop admits to giving drugs testers money out of ‘generosity’ because he thought they needed it for fuel or tea. He links the possibility of being tested positive for EPO dope as he did not give the drug testers enough so his result came up positive…

Img src: IAAF 2016.

13. Fake WhatsApp message being circulated on the APP around South Africa claims non-South African citizens are to lose their right to own land. The Constitutional Review Committee set up to review the constitution have refuted this message.

Img src: landscape pic.



14. Uganda activists seen dumping coffins outside the parliament to protest murders and kidnappings of targeting women in Uganda. Some of the Youths involved are said to have been remanded.

Img src: YouTube vid.

15. Cameroon Francophone and Anglophone clashes intensify between insurgents fighting for a separate republic in Cameroon’s English-speaking region. In recent weeks, the US has called for an end to the violence.



16. US and Rwanda back again falling out due to used clothes trade war. The 60-day notice period for Rwanda to reduce its tariff on imported used clothing given by the US recently expired and Rwanda is not backing down on its stance to aid the domestic textile industry by introducing restrictions on import of used clothing into Rwanda.

17. The 30th of July sees Zimbabwe head to the polls for the 2018 Elections, the first post-Mugabe election, a full guide to the election is available here. Look out for potential job opportunities as EU Election Observer on the EU website.



18. In a surprise news recently, South Africa reports Pit toilet deaths of school children, due to inadequate toilet facilities in schools. More than 4,500 schools have pit latrine out of a reported 25,000 nationwide. Stricter monitoring have now been put in place for children going to use the facilities.



19. The United Nations (UN) in a global first time that traffickers have been added to sanctions list, to tackle the Libyan smuggling rings, begins sanctions on known smugglers. 6 known traffickers were added to this list; they are:

  • Ermias Ghermay of Eritrea
  • Fitiwi Abdelrazak of Eritrea
  • Ahmad Oumar al-Dabbashi of Libya
  • Musab Abu-Qarin of Libya
  • Mohammed Kachlaf of Libya
  • Abd al Rahman al-Milad of Libya

Img src: sky news report.

20. Parting word on the Ebola watch, in addition to the vaccine, five experimental drugs have been approved for use on patients in the Ebola. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported 4 of the 5 drugs are now available in DRCongo. The drugs are: Zmapp, GS-5734, REGN monoclonal antibody combination, and mAb114.

Img src: free images.

Stay tuned for next week’s big round up in edition 6.



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