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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this past week, catch last week’s biggest news edition 5, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #6;

1. In major breaking news on the 600+ African migrants on the Aquarius arrived in Spain after the rescue mission. The 629 stranded Migrants of mostly sub-Saharan nationalities were snubbed by Italy and Malta as the ship violated their international laws, and to avoid catastrophe, they have been accepted by the Spanish. Arrivals into Spain commenced over the weekend…developing story…

– the migrant now have 45 days special permit to stay in Spain as an exceptional case and not a change to the Spanish immigration laws as the effort to rescue the migrants on the Aquarius was seen as a humanitarian exercise.

– 400 of the migrants transferred to another coast guard speed boat to complete the journey.

2. After the falling out of France and Italy over the 629 stranded Migrants turned away by Italy, the French PM, Emmanuel Macron, has called for unity to resolve the migrant crisis by meeting with the Italian PM, Giuseppe Conte EU by proposing Asylum processing centers in the African nations where migrants begin their journeys. The hopes is that this will prevent Migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean.

3. Sports roundup

  • FIFA World cup 2018 kicks off 14th June, with 5 African countries making the tournament; see the African teams round up here.
  • Mo Salah recovered enough to be in Russia for the world cup, but did not play in the Egypt vs Uruguay game on the 15th June. Upon Arrival, he was spotted with Chechnyan leader where there were criticisms of his being potentially used for political propaganda.
  • Nigeria arrives in style, kicking off against Croatia on the 16th; the results didn’t go as good as expected. See reactions from Nigerians. The Nigeria Goalkeeper Francis Uzoho also makes history as the youngest Goalkeeper to play at the World Cup.

  • Morocco played Iran but although the results were not as expected for Morocco, their Coach is certainly giving us life out there. The fans are also in high spirit.
  • Tunisia to play against England on the 18th of June.
  • Senegal to play against Poland on the 19th of June

  1. Nigeria’s ‘Lucky Chickens’ were not allowed in Russia stadium for Nigerian football supporters

  • FIFA investigates empty seats in the Egypt vs Uruguay match

  1. Super Falcons of Nigeria beats Gambia to qualify for 2018 African Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON)
  • South Africa wins first of 3 test matches in Rugby against England. 2nd test takes place on the 16th of June
  • Morocco lost out on the world cup 2026 bid to joint bid from USA, Canada and Mexico, not without controversy and not getting support apparently from 11 African countries in total. The loss then led to calls for leading to calls for rotating hosting system in the bidding process. In the meantime, the Moroccan King has ordered for 2030 bid to go ahead.
  • Swansea football club has rejected Fulham’s bid for Ghanaian football Forward, Jordan Ayew
  • Stoke City Winger, Egyptian Ramadan Sobhi is signed by Huddersfield Town, for £5.7 million GBP for 3-year contract.

Img src: Ramadan Sohbi Instagram

  • Kwesi Nyantakyo resigns from CAF and FIFA posts due to alleged corruption.
  • International events such as the World Cup opens routes for opportunistic traffickers due to high volume of visa being issued for events. An attempt to traffic 10 Nigerian children has been foiled by the country’s anti-trafficking agency, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP). Each child was said to be in possession of a FIFA Fan ID and all suspects have been apprehended.

4. Politics

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) President has said he will not seek 3rd term when the country heads to the polls in December.
  • The Nigerian public is calling on the government to review the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) division due to incidents of increased use of force and harassment of citizens with the hashtag #endSARS trending.

  1. Warnings and travel restrictions issued after violent terrorist incidents in Mozambique.
  • Nigeria declares June 12th as the new Democracy Day to commemorate the importance of the date in the country’s history from MKO Abiola.

  1. Hungary’s First Black MP, Olivio Kocsis-Cake, aims to help change the country’s perception as an anti-immigration nation.
  • Nigerian lawmakers reject Paternity Leave introduction into the constitution, citing culture and traditions.

5. A 24 year old Ugandan win prize for bloodless malaria test. Brian Gitta was awarded the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for the device that detects malaria using light beam to detect malaria symptoms. Congratulations on a truly groundbreaking innovation and the youngest to win the prize.

Img src: Twitter

6. On the Ebola watch, concerns still exist on containing the spread with neighbouring countries preparing for more controls. While vaccines have been made available, administering the drugs to remote areas still prove to be challenging.

7. Two Worshippers have been stabbed to death in a mosque in South Africa as the South African Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) on Thursday strongly condemned the brutal attack.

8. Bestselling Author, Anthony Bourdain, loved for his global adventures and travel shows, dies at 61. He was loved by Africans because while traveling Africa, he projected African cultures in a way that made viewers connect with him.

9. Shock at the sudden death of some ancient Baobab trees in Africa leading to suggestions about the effect of climate change on the plants.

Img src: wildlife conservation society

10. Terrorist group Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau’s Mother, Falmata Abubakar, speaks up for what appears to be the first time on national media saying she has not seen her son for 15 years. The interview highlights the actions of the terrorist group has also affected the mother and her community immensely.

Img src: VOA News YouTube

Stay tuned for next week’s big round up.

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