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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this past week, catch last week’s biggest news edition 6, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #7;

1. Migrant Crisis update:

  • 100 more Migrants, including babies, feared dead as Dinghy boat capsizes off the coast of Libya
  • EU meets to agree on Migrant crisis in a Summit this week in Brussels to tackle the migration crisis.
  • After waiting for approval to dock in Malta for a few days, Lifeline, carrying some 230 migrants, can dock. Malta however, says it will no longer allow any more rescue boats do dock.

Watch more here:

  • Meanwhile, the Aquarius, carrying 630 migrants could dock in the past few weeks and the migrants given special 45 days permit.
  • Italy closed ports, third time in the past few weeks and says ports will remain closed for the whole of the summer, criticizing NGOs rescuing the migrant boats of no longer being legitimate.
  • Spain rescues 90 migrants crossing from Morocco in developing story…

  • Over the past 14 months, Algeria is accused of abandoning more than 13,000 migrants in Sahara to tough condition.

Dangerous conditions:

2. Sports roundup

  • FIFA World cup 2018 kicked off 14th June, with 5 African countries making the tournament; see the African teams round up here.
  • Unfortunately, all the African teams have now been eliminated and did not make it to the Round of 16. We hope to come back stronger 2022 World Cup to be hosted in Qatar.
  • The African teams did not bow out without some controversies. The Nigerian supporters cried foul play at the Referee officiating the Argentina vs Nigeria game. The Nigerian player Jude Ighalo also received death threats following his performance in the game and had to lock down comments on his Instagram page and issue a statement.

Img src: Jude Ighalo Instagram.

  • Senegal tied with Japan in group H for the final 16 but became the first team to be disqualified in World Cup by number of yellow cards issued during the tournament, as per the ‘fair play rule’.
  • Diego Maradona’s role as a FIFA Ambassador apparently comes under fire for giving the finger to opponent supporters during the game. Also, after the game he was apparently seen by medics after appearing to collapse.

  • Mo Salah in good spirits after his Cairo home was leaked online and fans showed up; despite Egypt’s performance at the World Cup in Russia… having shouldered a lot of the expectations for the national team with his recent shoulder injury.


  • International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Grand Prix underway in Berlin, Germany with Namibia Paralympic Committee (NPC) athletes in attendance.
  • Africa Gold Cup Rugby underway doubling up as 2019 World Cup qualifiers with Morocco, Zimbabwe, Kenya and more.

3. Oil tanker blast during rush hour in Lagos, Nigeria, kills at least 9 with the bodies recovered and many more feared dead due to 54 cars on fire.

4. Cameroon civil tensions on the rise as the Anglophone and Francophone conflict threatens national unity.

5. Plateau State, Nigeria, Herdsmen and Villagers clash, with an estimated 200 dead in increasing land grab battle involving Herdsmen in the country. The country’s president has been criticized for not doing enough to manage the rising tensions.

6. Sudanese teenager, Noura Hussein, who killed rapist husband has death sentence overturned but activist seek complete pardon.

7. At least 15 people have been killed in a fire at a marketin the Kenyan capital Nairobi, while another estimated 70 people are undergoing treatment.

8. Politics roundup:

  • In an apparent assassination attempt, explosion occurs in the presence of the country’s vice president and president in a stadium at a rally in Zimbabwe. The president escaped uninjured but an estimated 49 people were being treated.
  • Former president of Nigeria, Sani Abacha’s loot of $300 mil plus apparently to be reclaimed and given to the poor.

Img src: Google, late ex-president, Sani Abacha.

  • Ghana’s president, Nana Akufo-Addo, fires electoral commission leader alongside two deputies for apparent incompetence and misbehaviour.
  • At least six people have died in Mali after attack on regional G5 anti-terror force Sahel base by Islamist

  • Mauritius is apparently preparing to put up citizenship and passports for sale; announced in the country’s 2018 budget to raise money for the country.

Img src: images

  • In the efforts to expand partnership with Seychelles, India expands existing Military partnership to Civilian aimed projects.
  • Gambia’s president, Adama Barrow, announces major Cabinet reshuffle; appointing new vice president.
  • Meanwhile, ex-Gambia president, Yahya Jammeh’s luxury cars, private jets on sale after he abandoned them in 2016 when he fled into exile.

Img src: AFP News.

  • IMF is said to be considering bailout for Congo Republic after reaching broad understanding of the deal, on July 6
  • South Sudan Ceasefire was said to have been disappointingly violated within hours of being implemented.
  • IMF approves US$2 billion 4th loan instalment for Egypt to be given in July, 2018, from a total of $12 billion loan agreement.

  • Uganda pushes ahead with to implement social media tax from July 1st with Telecom operators.
  • Egypt joins African countries in a bid to tackle ‘fake news’, by aiming to monitor popular social media accounts with more than 5,000 followers, alongside blocking an estimated 500 websites.
  • Set to take place in Mauritania, 31st African Union Summit is back on the 1st of July with African leaders as well as global leaders expected at the event.
  • Ethiopia and Eritrea peace talks provides hope to end one of Africa’s longest war to enable increased stability in the region.

9. Who is heading to the election polls in Africa

  • Nigeria heads to the polls soon in 2019; calls were made for citizens to get their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) cards, however common complaint remains who will they vote for?

Img src: INEC Nigeria.

  • Madagascar is scheduled to hold first round of presidential election in November, 2018, and second round in December 2018, according to the Prime Minister.
  • Despite controversy and blast over the last week, Zimbabwe heads to polls with barely 30 days to go, anticipation is high as it is the first election since the exist of Mugabe in 2017.
  • Algerians will head to the polls in April 2019 to elect a new president and is not without controversy.

10. DR Congo approves oil drilling in parts of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, home to endangered mountain gorillas.

Img: Mountain gorilla at Virunga National Park via Laura Victoria travel11. In Africa’s LGBTI Updates:

  • In the first ever of such events in Swaziland, now known as eSwatini, Africa’s last absolute monarchy is holding a LGBTI Pride event this week.
  • Iris Angola, an Angolan gay rights lobby group has been given legal recognition by the government in a first of such making way in a historic moment for LGBT rights in the country.

12. Libya’s Oil control struggles adds to supply concernsas various factions attempts to take control of the country’s oil supplies while some struggle to be globally recognized in the west.

13. In an effort to comfort the victims of sexual assault, American Actress Ashley Judd takes #MeToo message to South Sudan in her first visit to the country.

14. The artificial intelligence (AI) humanoid robot, Sophia had a scheduled dinner date with the Ethiopia PM but was forced to miss the dinner after apparently losing parts at German airport 😊

Img: Sophia the Robot

15. On Ebola watch, the DR Congo health officials completed Ebola surveillance, with no new cases reported, which is good news for the region.

Remember to stay tuned for next edition of Africa’s big news round up

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