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Presenting a roundup of the biggest news across Africa this past week, catch last week’s biggest news edition 8, in case you missed it.

In this week’s edition #9;

1. Cameroon Conflict Updates:

  • Shocking footage emerges of Cameroonian soldiers executing blindfolded women, and children in cold blood, after accusing them of being part of terrorist group, Boko Haram. The Cameroonian government was quick to deny any military involvement but are said to have launched an investigation after the video goes viral and Amnesty Internal says they have more proof the video is not fake.


  • Meanwhile the current President of Cameroon, 85-year-old Paul Biya, announced his intention to run for presidency in the October 2018 upcoming Presidential elections. If he wins, this will be his seventh term in power.
  • Cameroon’s Defence Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo’s convoy was said to have been ambushed by Separatists in Anglophone region, with 10 dead in the attack.

Img Src: Paul Biya Twitter.


2. Migrant Crisis update:

  • After the deal with Libya to expand rescue missions, Italy allegedly accused some migrants of threatening hijack of a rescue ship to prevent the ship from returning to Libya. The ship was said to be carrying 67 migrants, resulted in a tug of war.
  • Img: News updates.
  • While Italy and Malta are said to be debating who is responsible for rescuing another 450 migrants ‘crowded aboard a fishing boat in the Mediterranean’.

  • Another 104 undocumented migrants of mixed African nationalities have also been rescued off Libyan Eastern coast.
  • In the past week, 63 migrants have disappeared, 41 rescued and another 170 potentially missing in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • A new region to carry out rescue mission was expanded by Libya; previously no official rescue areas were said to be managed by Libya. This new region formalizes Libya’s responsibility to the rescue of Migrants instead of leaving it up to NGOs and Italians to rescue migrants stuck at sea. Meanwhile Italy gives more ships to Libya to carry out rescue missions and increase their rescue missions to prevent illegal immigration.

  • After the increasing public outcry on Algeria forcing migrants into the Sahara under tough conditions, Algeria is said to have stopped expelling migrants into the Sahara.

3. Sports roundup

  • Under 20 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers underway for 2019 (Google image).
  • Former Nigeria star Emmanuel Amunike has called on focus to be on developing African youth development to improve their football performance on the world stage as none of the African teams made it past the group stage round.

  • Liverpool stars, Egyptian Mo Salah and Senegalese Sadio Mane, are confirmed to be joining Liverpool’s pre-season tour of the United States
  • Fears that Mo Salah would quit the Egyptian national football team due to fears he was used as a political pawn after picture with controversial Chechnya warlord Ramzam Kadyrov surfaced. Ramzam Kadyrov further awarded honorary citizenship to Mo Salah. The Egyptian Football Association has now dismissed fears of Mo Salah quitting the national team due to this controversy.

4. Politics and Conflicts:

  • 20 Canadian Police leave for peace-keeping mission in troubled Mali as they head to the polls at the end of July.

  • Bill proposed to extend South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir’s tenure to 2021; the opposition has rejected this extension.
  • While the UN imposes arms embargo on South Sudan, in attempts to stop the violence that has gripped the country since 2013, as the peace process continues for long term resolution.
  • In a historic moment, Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki visits Ethiopia for the first time in over 20 years since the border war broke out between the two countries in 1998. Relations between the two countries is said to be gradually improving again.
  • Img src: African news.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday accused Ugandan forces of shooting dead 12 Congolese fishermen last week over border dispute, the claim has been denied by the Ugandan military. In further escalating tensions, 92 Congolese fishermen have since been ‘imprisoned’ by Uganda claims Congolese officials, with 20 fishing boats and 15 engines seized.

  • The Presidential palace of Somalia came under an attempted al-Shabab attack in the capital Mogadishu. Six people, including the suicide bomber, died because of the car explosion when the car was shot by police.
  • Img src: Villa Somalia Facebook.
  • Another incident of al-Shabab was also noted earlier in the week in two separate car bombs, after the fighters stormed the ministry of the interior and national security. At least 10 people were reportedly killed in the incident.
  • After reports of torture of prisoners, Ethiopia’s Somali region had freed the political prisoners from Ogaden jail.
  • Reports of barbaric violence emerge from DR Congo where villages are ‘reduced to ash



  • DR Congo politician, Jean Pierre Bemba who had his war crimes conviction overturned by the International Criminal Courts (ICC) few weeks ago, was nominated by his party, The Movement for the Liberation of Congo, for the next presidential candidate in the December 2018 upcoming presidential elections.



5. Who is heading to the election polls in Africa à move down

  • Nigeria heads to the polls soon in 2019; calls were made for citizens to get their Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) cards, however common complaint remains who will they vote for? Issues have come up with difficulties reported to acquire the voter’s card. Some branded voter’s card appeared online on Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce website.


  • Mali heads to the poll in July 29th, campaigns have kicked off amid tensions potential violence linked to al-Qaeda-linked jihadists. The government said voter cards have been distributed to 40 percent of voters, two weeks before election day.
  • Madagascar is scheduled to hold first round of presidential election in November, 2018, and second round in December 2018, according to the Prime Minister.

  • Despite controversy and blast over the last week, Zimbabwe heads to polls with barely 30 days to go, anticipation is high as it is the first election since the exist of Mugabe in 2017.
  • Algerians will head to the polls in April 2019 to elect a new president and is not without controversy.
  • Cameroonian Elections are set to hold on 7th of October 2018; current president Paul Biya announced his intent to run in the election.

Img Src: Paul Biya Twitter.

  • DR congo heads to the polls in December 2018.


6. Duduzane Zuma, son of former South African President was briefly detained while returning to South Africa to attend the funeral of his brother Vusi Zuma who died last week. The arrest was said to be linked to previous charges filed for culpable homicide case in a 2014 car crash. He has had to hand over his passport to prevent him fleeing the country.

As the week progressed, he also appeared in Specialised commercial crimes court for an alleged bribery offence.

He is out on paid, on bail amount of R100,000 with the case postponed to January 24 2019.

He was also put in shackles which resulted in public outcry that he willingly came to court and should not have been chained.

7. Eight severely endangered black rhinos die mysteriously during a translocation attempt in Kenya. The new location of the rhinos was part of a project to increase the number of the black rhinos in the next few years by moving them to a better environment. The translocation project has now been put to a stop for further investigations as a total of 14 rhinos were supposed to be moved.

8. The president of Nigeria, Muhammdu Buhari commissioned phase one of the $824 million Abuja Light Rail line. The project was done with China as part of enhancing the public infrastructure with the Abuja Rail Mass Transit System to be integrated on a national level with the National Rail Network.

9. Ugandan Government went ahead with the planned social media tax going into force with mobile telecoms provider on July 1st. Ugandans have been protesting with #ThisTaxMustGo, #NoToSocialMediaTax ;while activists have also sued the government.

10. One of the world’s largest telescope and Africa’s largest radio telescope, MeerKAT, from Carnarvon, South Africa, was inaugurated. This development is a great one for astronomy for future discoveries in exploring the universe.

Img src: observation from telescope via SKA Africa.

11. Angola’s wealth fund was said to have been probed as part of money laundering suspicions by the Swiss authorities and funds were blocked during the probe. Some $60mil of the seized funds of about $210mil frozen has now been unblocked as this initial sum was said to not have been misappropriated. The investigations for the remainder of the funds are still ongoing.

12. Former United States’ President Barack Obama heads to Kenya & South Africa for his first visit as a private citizen. He was supposed to travel with Oprah to both countries but Oprah will instead meet him in South Africa.

Prior to the Africa visit, the former President released his summer reading list with 5 out of the 6 books by African authors.

The trip to South Africa is in line with Nelson Mandela’s 100th anniversary of Mandela’s birth. The Obama Foundation “will convene 200 extraordinary young leaders from across the continent” and a speech by Obama.

This week, I’m traveling to Africa for the first time since I left office – a continent of wonderful diversity, thriving…

Posted by Barack Obama on Friday, 13 July 2018

13. Some 50 Nigerians were apparently stranded in Russia after Fraudsters sold them “Soccer World Cup fan passes to travel to Russia” and forced to sleep outside the Nigerian embassy building in Russia. Russia’s Foreign Ministry was said to have told anyone stuck to go to their national embassy for help on returning home.

The Lagos state Governor, Ambode, has stepped in and supported the return of the stranded nationals.

14. Sudanese teen, Noura Hussein, facing public threats of death, was jailed for killing ‘rapist’ husband appeals for ‘unconditional freedom’ after she had the death sentence overturned. She was ordered to pay 1.8 mil (about $18,000 USD) to the family of the dead husband and serve five years in jail. She continues to fight for her freedom, gaining worldwide attention from the likes of Grammy nominee, Jidenna and activist hashtag #JusticeForNoura used to call attention to the issue.

15. UK-based independent oil and gas company, Savannah Petroleum, has made several third oil discoveries in Niger. The latest discovery is the third discovery made in a series of exploratory activities in the region.

16. Nelson Mandela would have been 100 years old on the 18th of July 2018; his centenary, also known as Nelson Mandela Day in South Africa. Several notable celebrations are planned to commemorate this day:

  • New collection of currency notes and coins depicting the life of Nelson Mandela are being launched in South Africa to mark this milestone


  • Former POTUS Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey will be visiting South Africa; the16th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture will be delivered by the President.


  • Global Citizen Festival heads to South Africa on Dec 2nd to honor “the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela”, with heavyweight global music stars from the likes of Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Femi Kuti and many more.

17. On Ebola watch, the DR Congo health officials completed Ebola surveillance, with no new cases reported, which is good news for the region.

Remember to stay tuned for next edition of Africa’s big news round up

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