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Having access to all kinds of wonderful rich cultural heritage means unlimited inspiration potential for makeup looks. African Makeup Artists are certainly tapping into this inspiration and serving up some truly creative and unique epic looks

  1. Say hello to this gold dusted beauty by celebrated Tanzanian Makeup Artist and beauty guru, Cherie Mals

Photo details

Lorraine for @kyamirwa  || MUA @cherie_mals  || Creative director @jumawilson || Photography @benardatilio  ||Model @lorraine_marriot

  1. Major squad goals with beauty and fashion gurus from Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda get together to make magic

Photo details

Muse @sheebahricherthisyear || Dress @onyangopeggy  || Jewelry @simmafrica ; @4africa_  ;@ktsobe_jewel  ; @inzukidesigns || MUA @monafaces || Photography @rollandrollie .

  1. Award winning Kenyan Makeup Artist, Touchbylaura, describes this beautiful creation as ‘Chocolate dipped in some highlight’… and we think so too!

Photo details

Model @vee_wambua  || Studio @mostudioske  || Photography @maqussphotography  ; @klenses || Accessories @mellow_bymichelle

  1. Editorial perfection with Ethiopian Makeup Artist, Makeupbymelu

Photo details

Model Leliye  || MUA @makeupbymelu

  1. Affordable luxury Ghanaian Cosmetics brand, Colorbox Cosmetics, uses this picture perfect glow up image to introduce new highlighter, Melanin Glow

Photo details

Photography  @donorhanstudios ||  MUA  @icey_makeovers || Models: @kheri11 ; @annolaofficial  & Colorbox CEO || Launching in partnership in @makeupghana @ambfair

  1. Big Brother Nigeria 2018 Housemate, Munirat Antoinette Leckyy, channels a bride from the Edo region of Nigeria,in this bridal themed photoshoot, with makeup by Akugbe Efe of @diolsclassics.

Photo details

Photography @abusalamiphotography ||  Bridal designer @bibilawrence || Designer @rikaotobyme  || Mua @diolsclassics  || Light assistant @temmy__18  || Beads: @fibeads || Edo outfit @george_by_ruverodesigns || Filming @oska1483 ; @niralof || Hair @harllymart  || Asoebi/asooke @molbaks_alasooke || Editor @John || Headwrap/Gele @trinatouch

  1. Work of art by Egyptian Makeup Artist, Rana El Sehemy, presented on a stunningly beautiful canvas

Photo details

MUA  rana_elsehemy

  1. Presenting the creative outcome of the Wakandan region and Ivorian Makeup Artist, beauty_by_asty, collaboration 😉

Photo details

MUA beauty_by_asty

  1. Cameroonian beauty pioneer, RMBibow, shows us how to work colors, the 3D way 😉

Photo details

MUA  rmbibow || MUSE: @melissakouya & @pearlira || Outfit: @spellkootor  || Photo BY @studiormbibow

10. Pretty in pink is an understatement for this gorgeous glitter creation by South African Makeup Artist, Zita De Bruyn.

Photo details

MUA @zita_db.mua || MUSE: Tyler Miller


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