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‘Rwanda Clothing’ wants to become a fashion revolution introducing unique Rwandan fashion styles to the world

Joselyne Umutoniwase founded the Rwanda Clothing brand in 2012. The brand is one of the recognized African brands in the fashion industry, delivering in terms of quality and design creativity. Rwanda Clothing is made to showcase the Rwandan style...

Style Temple Fashion Academy Open For September 2019 Registration

Want to be a top contemporary African luxury fashion designer like Style Temple, look no further. The Nigerian luxury brand is now open for intake in their SF  Academy for September 2019. Featured image: Style Temple Instagram. This is...

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy open for October 2019 Registration

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy October 2019 batch registration open for new entries.

UZURI K&Y wants to put Rwanda on the global ethical & eco-friendly fashion stage

UZURI K&Y is a shoe brand founded in 2013 by two female entrepreneurs Kevin and Ysolde. The brand features a line of eccentric footwears for women. The company hopes to be a well-known, eco-friendly and international shoe brand with...

The only virtual factory, Ethnic Brand, connects fashion brands to highly skilled rural artisans across Sub-Saharan Africa

Alex Mativo started Ethnic brand, formerly known as E-Lab in 2014 as a means of providing low-cost manufacturing services to any scale of the business by connecting skilled artisans across Sub-Saharan Africa to these companies. The goal of Ethnic...

Connecting Rwandan Manufacturers and Sellers to buyers around the world on the Made in Rwanda Online (MIRO) marketplace

Launched in 2016, Made in Rwanda Online (MIRO) is an online platform used to sell goods produced in Rwanda. The platform offers an avenue for Rwandan entrepreneurs, vendors, and service providers to sell their products and services easily. The...

Africasokoni is redefining online shopping in Africa by easing the connectivity between Buyers & Sellers in Kenya

Africasokoni is fiercely focused on the challenge of redefining online shopping in Africa. Africasokoni is Pan-Africa, strongly believing that Africa must do business with itself and the world but only on its terms. Africasokoni is interested in a deliberate...

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy open for July 2019 Registration

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy July 2019 batch registration.

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy is now open for July 2019 Registration

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy July 2019 batch registration.

Ghana Textile Printing is one of the top West African print and textiles brand in the fashion game

GTP Fashion is an African leading print and textiles brand made up of two companies. The first is Tex Styles Ghana Limited (TSG) which is in charge of the printing of GTP products, and Premium African Textiles Company Limited...

The Kente Edit 1: Awesome Kente Style Inspirations

In the world of colourful and vibrant African fabrics, the Kente fabric stands out as uniquely Ghanaian. Here are some of the Kente style inspirations we spotted this week: 1. Outfit @sima_brew || Event Planning & Decor @primeshadesgh  || Mua @touchmakeupartistry  ||...

Style: 5 Top African Game Changing Milliners

Top 5 milliners in Ghana and Nigeria changing the game in the creative art of millinery

Inspiration: 12 Newly Launched African Makeup Brands

Discover these 12 cosmetics brands launched recently across Africa

Ghanaian Adubea Jensen crafts fine, exquisite, handmade luxury accessories out of tiny beads

Adubea Jensen is a Ghanaian luxury brand that designs and creates exquisite, handmade accessories from tiny beads. With top-notch dexterity in the job, it produces products ranging from handbags, Clutch Bags, purses, and carriers. These are produced in different...

Fashion Academy: Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy May 2019 Registration

Kathy Anthony Fashion Academy May 2019 batch registration.