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Launched in 2013, Silicon Valley veterans: Jonathan Lewis and Tracey Turner founded Copia. Copia is Latin for “abundance” and its vision to bring the power of e-commerce to the middle class and low-class earners in a bid to turn the historically neglected market into global consumers.

Copia Kenya - Vieews

Copia is one of the fastest-growing enterprises in Kenya, and they have been able to make everyday living easier for the middle-class earners. They also allow communities and consumers to have access to quality products. Copia provides solutions to the problems faced by individuals living in rural communities. Some agents are responsible for delivering the ordered products in the rural communities.

There is also a continuous correspondence between customers and agents via text messages to confirm their orders. Deliveries are also tracked using a delivery app. Additionally, there is direct contact between the suppliers and the consumers; hence, there is no need for intermediaries. Interested customers can contact them via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

This is excellent news for the middle class and low-class earners as they can now access products at affordable rates.




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