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Cowrywise is empowering its customers with tools that enable them to take control of their finances. Cowrywise is focused on making savings easy and worthwhile for every individual regardless of their net worth bracket. Cowrywise consists of a team of intelligent active members who reimagine and rework the delivery of financial services to all individuals. Cowrywise is interested in democratizing wealth management services and increasing the affordability and accessibility to the masses.

Cowrywise - Vieews

Cowrywise helps everyone to save and invest money irrespective of the amount. The app ensures that users save and invest smartly with no penalties, no fees and it is absolutely free. Users enjoy a 10% – 15% interest per annum on their automated savings. The Cowrywise platform brings its users closer to achieving financial discipline, enabling users to achieve personal saving goals. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook Cowrywise followers enjoy crispy money tips in addition to learning more about the Cowrywise app.

Cowrywise enables its users to start a saving journey that launches them into financial freedom.



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