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Dealafriq is an international wholesale marketplace strictly for products made in Africa. They are highly passionate about the African culture, and strongly believe Africa has a lot to offer the world rather than receiving aids. Since its establishment in 2017, Dealafriq has been dubbed the “Alibaba of Africa.”

DealAfriq Alibaba of Africa

At Dealafiq, they have a new approach to work ethic, passion, and pride which separates them from other online stores. They give Vendors in Africa a transparent platform to upload their products and sell without any cost. They oversee marketing and delivery logistics. The website has tons classy collection of wears, African fashion, Books, Art, Beauty products and a lot more. Their delivery system is fast with no hidden charges, and you can follow their updates on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Every product listed on their website is sourced from fashion designers, artists and craftsmen, and women across Africa. Dealafiq also has an easy to use the mobile application to make shopping easier. This is great news for African entrepreneurs as this innovation help them sell their products to a global audience. Hence, a bright future for Africa’s net export.




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