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Eazyhire is a platform that enables Africans to lease or rent out items they own to businesses or other individuals. On Eazyhire, lenders are assured of additional income streams as well as the safety of the leased item. This startup is an active part of the blooming African economy. In fact, measuring up to its status as the first, it is rated as the best of its kind in Africa.

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The excellence of this platform explains the reason it was awarded Nigerian tech startup company of the year at the 2016 and 2017 annual NiRA awards. Eazyhire is run by a network of brilliant and hardworking minds who are constantly searching for ways to maintain and even improve the startup’s reputation as the best in Africa. Also, as part of its masterplan vision, Eazyhire looks forward to unveiling its arms and services to more countries in Africa. Eazyhire can be reached via Facebook and Twitter.

The use of this platform has made it easy for small and medium scale enterprises to obtain all necessary machines and at the same time, offering owners more returns than they would have gotten on other platforms. Eazyhire is a very laudable startup.



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