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Farmster is a hybrid SMS-based/digital marketplace for agricultural produce in growing markets. This company enables farmers and buyers to connect while crops are still in their early stages, whether or not the farmers have internet access. Farmster is a large market for small farms, and it solves marketing for small farms through the optimization of technology.

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It is the case that emerging markets suffer high post-harvest losses due to poor marketing and information channels. That is, buyers and farmers struggle to find each other after harvest. Farmster’s solution is to enable farmers without internet access by directing them to the Farmster SMS Chatbot where they can publicize their crop before harvest. Buyers with smartphones can then connect to the farmers through the Farmster App. The Farmster proof of concept has been launched in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and India. Currently, Farmster is developing its technology to launch a full product. Consumers can track Farmster’s progress on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Farmster is an information technology service focused on connecting farmers to buyers and vice-versa.



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