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mFeyti is an online pharmacy started by Bimanywaruhanga Benjamin. mFeti is powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps users detect counterfeit drugs. The platform has a bank of information taken from importers, regulators, and manufacturers. This information is used alongside some unique identification characteristics to know the authenticity of drugs.

mFeyti helps to take counterfeit drugs off the drug distribution system completely. They are also working to create monitoring and detection of fake medications in real-time. Registered users are charged a small fee to utilize this service.

mFeyti Medicine - Vieews

Overtime, mFeyti has provided software that has helped several subscribers to identify false, fake, and counterfeit drugs. Technologies used by mFeyti include viewport meta, Google font API, and iPhone/mobile compatible amongst others.

Interested customers and pharmaceutical companies can follow mFeyti’s progress via their Facebook and Twitter pages. This is excellent news for Ugandan citizens as side effects that occur as a result of fake drugs can be avoided.




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