May 22, 2019 Posted by vieews in Food & Drinks

DeliVroum is the first delivery platform for meals on demand in the Togolese capital, Lome. It has stood out as a reference in the FoodTech industry due to its yielding approach through total digitization of the ordering process. DeliVroum, a leading player in the Togo Food Tech industry concerning online sales platform, links and partner other restaurants owners in the country that deal with all types of foods and drinks in order to continue to deliver exceptional service to her customers.


Acting as an intermediary between the points of sale and the Customers, DeliVroum platform allows customers to place their order, and manages the deliveries of the said orders at the place chosen by the Customer. Their customers also have the right and power to order on the platform and go directly to the point of sale to remove it.


Another fascinating thing with this platform is that a group can order for a table at a restaurant partnering DeliVroum in few clicks and enjoy the delicious dishes of their restaurants with friends, colleagues or family. Their delivery system is fast, affordable and you can follow their updates on Instagram, or Twitter.

This is great news for food lovers in Togo as this innovation will save them the stress in going to restaurants to get a meal




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