KOICA invests $7.1M into the Rwanda Coding Academy

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      KOICA (The Korea International Cooperation Agency) just signed a Record of Discussion with Rwanda’s Finance and Education ministries for the implementation of the US$7.1 million Rwanda Coding Academy (RCA) Capacity Development Project.

      The government will further provide $800,000 for the project raising the cumulative sum to $7.9 million. This signing ceremony was also held virtually in observance of the current health measures that prevent the spread of Covid-19.

      The R/D was signed by the Ministers of Finance and Economic Planning, Minister of Education, and Country Director KOICA Rwanda.

      Mr. Chon Gyong Shik the Country Director at the KOICA Rwanda Office pointed to agriculture, education, and ICT, as the three priority areas of this project.

      RCA opened in 2019 benchmarking the model of Korea’s Software Meister High School purposefully looking to develop competent software developers who can promote industrial and economic development in Rwanda.

      KOICA Rwanda office was opened in 2011 and they presently runs 10 ongoing projects in the country.

      Source: https://www.techinafrica.com

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