Netflix launches free plan in Kenya to entice new subscribers

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      Netflix announced on Monday that it was launching a free cellular plan in Kenya as the global streaming giant seeks to tap into the East African nation of over 20 million internet users.

      The free plan, which will roll out to all users in Kenya in the coming weeks, doesn’t require any payment information to sign up, the company said. The new plan is available to anyone aged 18 and over with an Android phone, the company said. It won’t contain any ads either.

      90 countries, has experimented with a number of schemes in recent years to lure customers in developing countries. For example, the company began testing a $ 3 mobile-only plan in India in 2018 – before expanding to users in several other countries.

      The new push to attract customers comes because the company, which also plans to add mobile games to its offering, only added 1.5 million paying net subscribers, less than expected in the quarter that ended this June.

      Netflix, which has over 209 million subscribers, as well as Amazon Prime Video and other streaming services, are increasingly trying to attract customers outside of the US in order to maintain faster growth rates.


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