Payflex introduces a BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) service in South Africa

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      Payflex has launched its online retail ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service in South Africa. The company has experienced astronomical growth in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Online users can shop online then pay later for their services.

      Installment payment across South Africa is associated with high-interest charges that could result in one being penalized for making such payments over time. All Payflex payments are interest-free.
      Users can now shop at over 500 well-known stores such as Superbalist, The Pro Shop, and Cotton-on. Paul Behrmann, the founder, and CEO at Payflex associates this traditional installment payment with high interest charges. No hidden costs are associated with interest-free purchases.

      You can select Payflex at the checkout process. Simply provide your ID number and you shall fall into an assessment. Payflex only accepts Mastercard and Visa cards. You can make your purchases at the Payflex mall that lists retailers offering buy now pay later provisions.


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