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      Introducing the first edition of the Vieews micro investment series.

      In this edition, we will be selecting the most innovative companies listed on our website to get some spotlight and put in a little boost to the business.

      Qualification rules:

      • Register your business hustle on the Vieews.com website
      • Promote your business as best as you can using your profile page with great catchy descriptions and images.
      • Be a helpful forum member, you do not have to be a business/entrepreneur to qualify but the priority will be entrepreneurs/businesses.
      • Promote your services/business posted on vieews.com to other platforms to drive more likes to your posts.
      • Tag us officialvieews on all social media platforms.
      • Stick to forum rules
      • Do not spam

      Selection process:

      • All registered businesses will be reviewed for innovative business ideas.
      • Additional efforts to promote business will be reviewed.
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