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Ampersand is an electric vehicle company located in Kigali, Rwanda. It is a mobility and energy startup that is building electric taxi motorcycles that are easier to drive, perform better, cost less to purchase and operate, and doesn’t take much time to refuel. The mission of Ampersand is to build inexpensive charging systems and electric vehicles for the millions of motorcycle taxi drivers in East Africa.

Ampersand - Vieews

By going electric, the aim of Ampersand is to double, or even triple the income of the average driver and to leapfrog the Africa continent to a future with zero carbon. The Ampersand’s motorcycles are designed to outdo the current petrol motorcycles on durability, performance and power.  Ampersand’s customers do not need to buy vehicle batteries or wait around recharging the batteries, as they can as well rent quality batteries from the company’s network of simple battery swap stations.

AmperSand is an electric bike company that has analysed the potential for electric vehicles in Africa for over three years and has come up with a way for clients to spend less money and ride better motorcycles.



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