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The Garden of Coffee brand was launched in late 2016 by the social entrepreneur, Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu. The brand was started so that everyone can experience the magic of Ethiopia’s coffee beans. It has worked towards preserving the roasting and serving practices of Ethiopian coffee as well as creating economic opportunities in Ethiopia.

Img src: Garden of Coffee

Garden of Coffee starts the beginning of what the brand has tagged Coffee’s “Fourth Wave”. This talks about taking control of the production of coffee and adding value to it in a customized manner. The finished product will be a form of coffee craved by coffee lovers everywhere. More also, the customers can directly choose their beans of choice, type of roast and even the person who roasts the coffee beans.

This coffee brand has formed a partnership with a Shanghai business company, Suzhou Reyto. The plan is to open 100 cafes in China alone. Ethiopia’s Garden of Coffee also has a social media presence on Twitter and Instagram as a way to publicize the company product globally.

Garden of Coffee is an Ethiopian brand with hopes to promote the magic of Ethiopian coffee beans sustainably though the OriginTRADE™ Concept. This means the coffees are sourced, grown, processed, roasted and packaged in Ethiopia.

Img src: OriginTRADE™



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