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Ghana, which is one the fastest developing county in the West Africa region has quite a lot of awesome tech hubs and co-working spaces. Most of them are situated in Accra, Tamale and Kumasi being the commercial centers of the country. Meanwhile, highlighted below are the top 10 tech hubs and co-working spaces you can find across Ghana.


01. Innohub: Innohub is situated in Accra the capital of the country. They offer training and consulting services to small and medium scale enterprises in areas of their businesses. They created a platform where SMEs can easily meet with international investors to discuss business development and growth. Another amazing attribute of Innohub is their ability to assist SME’s with capital raising support.

Kumasi Hive

02. Kumasi Hive: They are multi-spaced innovation hub that assist start-ups to find their feet by organizing trainings that are tailored towards developing their skills, ideas and innovations. Their hardware incubator programme helps hardware startups with necessary technical and business development supports. They have platforms where change makers, innovators and investors can meet to learn and grow their various businesses.

Ghana Techlab

03. Ghana Techlab: Ghana Techlab is one of the most innovative and fastest growing tech hubs in Ghana. They inspire start-ups to create, innovate and find ways to solve societal problems. Their base programs are the national mobile app development training and national artificial intelligent training. They currently partner with World Bank, Kumasi hive, Accra digital center, ministry of communication Ghana, and Innohub.

Basecamp Initiative

04. Basecamp Initiative: Basecamp initiative is focused basically on innovations and creativity. Their main idea is to generate wealth for students, entrepreneurs and freelancers, and at the same time create an eco-friendly and clean environment for all. They also have several indoor and outdoor co-working spaces, meeting rooms, conference halls, and large gardens.

Impact Hub

05. Impact Hub: Impact hub has really impacted the lives of people in Accra community and across Ghana with entrepreneurial and innovative skills. They have conducive spaces for private offices, conferences, co-working networking events and some other amazing programmes. They are currently connected to 5 continents, with 17,000 innovative members and 101 inspiring locations.

Hapa Space

06. Hapa Space: Hapa space is an inventive tech hub and co-working space located in Kumasi Ghana. They help start-up entrepreneurs to grow their business through several accelerated programmes and events that transforms ideas into wealth. They also have funding database where trainee can be supported with venture capitals and grants. Currently, Hapa space has over 600 community members on their platform where they can meet and grow.

Ghana Innovation Hub

07. Ghana Innovation Hub: They give Ghanaians easy access to funds inorder to finance their business and enterprises. They also provide physical working spaces for business developments and investment opportunities. Their hub contains private offices, meeting rooms, co-working desks, training and event spaces. They currently ace 613 registered members, 350 business plans and 23 mentors.


08. iSpace: This is a perfect platform to tech entrepreneurs and startups. They provide a comfortable environment that encourages learning and grow business. iSpace conducts regular training and mentoring events, and also give entrepreneurs access to funds and other facilities for business growth and development. They usually host 140 start-ups in about 50 events per year with provision of working space and free training materials.

Workshed Africa

09. Workshed Africa: Workshed Africa offers problem-solving ideas to start-ups and entrepreneurs in order to provide solutions to impending problems in the society and generate wealth in the process. Their event and workshop space is very comfortable and conducive for learning. They also provide start-ups and SMEs the necessary resources needed for growth.



10. MEST: MEST provides training programs, hub, funds and tech incubator programmes for entrepreneurs. They are determined to create lasting wealth for Africans through their training and support programs. Their 1 year entrepreneurial training is opened to persons who are willing to learn and function effectively. They are in partnership with highly recognized organizations like SAP, Stripe, We think code, and ASHESI.



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