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BezoMoney is a digital medium for people to pool their savings together, improve credit bases, and conveniently obtain large capital accumulated from peer-to-peer savings. The savings medium adopts a multi-variety of digital technologies to enable users to easily build and track their savings.

Besides providing users with e-wallets for both personal and group savings, BezoMoney maintains safety for all customer transactions by adopting electronic payment mechanisms. Aim at delivering zero-interest bulk capital, BezoMoney allows individuals and groups to entrust it with their savings. The digital savings medium has thrived reasonably in helping its customers experience financial possibilities beyond leaps and bounds.


BezoMoney is based on a policy that makes way for savings accountability, transparency, safety, and convenience. To further find out what values BezoMoney tends to project as a savings medium, people can catch up with the Accra-based company via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

This interesting news is an opportunity for willing individuals and groups to experience the savings benefits BezoMoney has got to offer.




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