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Shea Jo might never have existed if it wasn’t for a pregnant colleague who was worried about stretch marks. Thanks to her, the business now offers a wide range of organic skincare products, coupled with a passion for empowerment and self-love. 

Shea Jo

1. What year was your business founded and who are the founders?

➤ It was founded in January 2018 by Jolene Fayziah Atchulo.


2. Tell us a little about the business mission and the products you offer.

➤ Our most important mission is for girls of colour (black/dark skinned girls) to appreciate and love their natural God given skin tone. By using all natural products we want to promote the enhancement of their beautiful skin tone, discouraging them from bleaching it.

Shea Jo

We offer many different products; African black soap, virgin coconut oil, and of course shea-based products such as body butters, lip salve, body oil, and body bronzers.


3. What was your inspiration behind founding the business? 

➤ It was my pregnant colleague. She was worried about stretch marks so we began researching natural remedies, and all results led to (unrefined) shea butter. I told her that shea butter was made in my hometown in the northern region of Ghana, and that it’s what we use at home for basically everything pertaining to the skin. It’s also our first aid when it comes to kitchen burns. She agreed to try it out and I had some sent to her. She began using it and gradually started noticing a clearer skin.

Shea Jo

It became an errand business immediately after hearing the good news. People started contacting me to have fresh shea butter delivered from my hometown to Accra. Shea Jo begun.


4. As an inspirational business in the Ghanaian natural beauty business sector, what has been your proudest moment so far in the business?

➤ My proudest moment was when I was noticed and interviewed by radio and TV journalists in accordance of releasing a new, African-inspired beauty set.

Shea Jo


5. What habits do you think helped make your business successful?

➤ Insane persistence. Self motivation. Goal setting. Learning from mistakes.


6. How do potential customers contact you? Website, Telephone, Email, Social Media handles, etc.

➤ Mostly through social media platforms and by word of mouth (referrals).

Shea Jo


7. Do you offer your services to international customers?

➤ We ship worldwide, thus serving international customers.


8. Do you have any advice for other Entrepreneurs wanting to go into the natural beauty/skincare business?

➤ My advice is DO IT. You won’t always be motivated, it’ll be hard work, but it was the same for every other thriving business out there. Be persistent and don’t lose hope. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Shea Jo


9. Alongside your brand, what other brands do you admire the most making an impact in the African business scene that shares the same values as you do?

➤ Hamamat Beauty and Hello Kaeme.




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