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If it goes on your skin, it should be good enough to eat! That’s the philosophy of the Skin Gourmet brand, who produce raw, pure, and wild skincare products that hand-processed and free from anything artificial. 

Skin Gourmet


01. When was this business founded and by whom? 

➤ Skin Gourmet was founded in 2014 by Violet Aawo Amoabeng.


02. What advice would you give to others wanting to get into this business? 

➤ Pray about it and let God lead the way. Try to be different to stand out, and work harder than you ever thought was possible. Be willing to sacrifice and work for others. Put yourself last.

Skin Gourmet


03. How do you use social media, and how do you advertise your products? 

➤ We use Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. We find that it is a cost effective way to reach and  engage our clients while communicating our brand identity.


04. Your various skin care butter products are actually food grade – could you tell us a bit about that? 

➤ Yes please! Our butters, oils, and skin treats are edible. We prepare our products based on the way it’s done in our culture. In Ghana we wear what we eat – this is because your skin absorbs what you put on it and if you are not willing to eat it, you should not put it on your skin! As such, our formulas and products are prepared skillfully, to taste and using only food grade ingredients. Our gourmet products have no preservatives, parabens, coloring, or anything you cannot pronounce. We also advise our clients to always use a preserving spoon with our products.

Skin Gourmet


05. Your website mentions employing women in the rural areas of Ghana – how many people do you employ this way and are you planning on expanding? 

➤ We employ hundreds of women in rural communities and we absolutely want to expand. If we had it our way, we would be employing millions of women!


06. What are the biggest challenges facing the business today, if any? 

➤ The biggest challenge in business is me. I believe that there is a solution to every problem and an opportunity in every challenge. As a leader I need to be better at overcoming obstacles by changing my mindset and finding the opportunity and solution in every situation. The challenge is getting over myself and my preconceived notions of what the problem is.

Skin Gourmet


07. What would you say are the core values of your business? 

➤ Honesty, generosity, humility, transparency, sustainability, and respect.


08. What do you love most about doing business in Africa?

➤ The possibilities are endless! I love this place. It’s not easy, but every time we overcome we are stronger and better than before. Africa gives us a clean slate – learn from the mistakes of the West and do it better. Better late than never.




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