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Snoocode is a well-known addressing system designed to assign specific addresses to their users; this gives the allowance for easy access to the service provider in Ghana by the users. It is the brainwork of Ghanaian Sesinam Dagadu, a 29-year-old man who some people refer to as an accidental entrepreneur. Their efficiency is keen to the extent that there are contemplations on whether the Snoocode can be a better alternative to Google as regards navigation in Ghana.

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It’s seen as the best solution to lack of formal address in Ghana. Just like some other African countries, Ghana is undergoing urbanization, and the old addressing system can’t keep the records of houses built and roads constructed without naming or numbering. SnooCode works exactly like a MobileApp that uses a computer algorithm to generate a unique code which serves as an address. Constant updates are rolled out on their social media pages – You can do so well to follow them via Facebook and Twitter.

This innovation is great news for Ghanaians as they would now be able to navigate their country easily



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