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The Honey Flow Africa is a real-time continuous IoT apiary monitoring system for African beekeepers. It is a radical new way of approaching beekeeping in Africa. It focuses on digitizing beekeeping. Through this, beekeepers are empowered to understand their bees better as data-driven solutions and calendar-based decisions aid the optimization of beekeeping operations and the keeping healthy bees.

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This apiary monitoring system aims to provide a solution to the problems of beekeepers which are identified as plagues such as virus, mites and fungus, climate, invaders and distance. Honey Flow solution includes forager activity which will greatly help the beekeeper to know the health of the bees and how they are operating, swarm alerts which work via email and SMS to let the beekeeper know when one of the hives is away.

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Some other features of this Honey Flow monitoring system include time management of nectar flows supply, antitheft mechanism and tracking system, food storage reserves’ management among others.

Honey Flow socializes with those that wish to engage with them through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Honey Flow aims at simplifying the job of beekeepers by providing real-time solutions to their problems.



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