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Brian Bosire and Victor Shikoli in 2017 started HydroIQ – Kenya’s first Virtual Water Network Operator (VWNO) to provide innovative water distribution network. The company strives to connect Water utility companies and water consumers through an online platform. This is done to increase the efficient use of water, quality, consumption, and leakage detection using sensors that relay information through Data Analytics.

HydroIQ - Vieews

HydroIQ is a smart metering device that is connected to the already existing water supply network, hence, turning the local water system to a smart water grid. This HydoIQ device is installed in different households to monitor consumption in real-time. It also allows consumers to pay for only the water they consume via a pay – as – you- go basis enabled by Mobile money.

Interested clients can reach them via their Facebook and Twitter pages. This is fantastic news for the Kenyan community, and the ability to control it will lead you to conservational use.




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