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Eric Reynolds founded Inyenyeri in 2011 after he worked at Rwanda on a project for genocide survivors. The company is aimed at providing clean fuel for cooking as opposed to the toxic atmosphere created by burning wood.

The Fuel+Stove system created by Inyenyeri strives to achieve the WHO Air Quality standards to improve livelihood while making it affordable for users. They also work to develop sustainable use of biomass for cooking by causing a streamlined method of a wood deficit.

Inyenyeri - Vieews

Inyenyeri has an outstanding team made up of women and men, favouring the former, as they have a first-hand experience of cooking, hence an unbiased review. The company has a customer-centred design brought about by visiting users regularly to know the shortcomings of the product and create modifications based on these findings.

Interested customers can relate with them via their Facebook and Twitter handles. This is excellent news for the citizens of Rwanda as Inyenyeri provides a healthy and fast means of cooking while aiding conservation of wood.




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