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At its core, Kasi Eats focuses on overland transport, air & sea freight and logistics. They also specialize in several highly focused industry solutions and subsidiaries under the umbrella of Kasi Eats, located in Lynwood, Pretoria. The brand solutions include logistics consultancy, Railcargo, consulting, telephone service and logistics parcel service. Among its aim is to empower and optimize value chains through open access to their toolkits and platforms.

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In addition, Kasi Eats mainly specializes in affordable logistics solutions for food SMME’s in the township and urban landscapes. Kasi Eats are keen to bring visibility and efficiency to the food value chain through real-time analytics and straightforward transport logistics. Kasi Eats partners and customers who maximize their solutions include wholesalers, restaurants, and emerging farmers. It leverages innovative technology to eradicate inefficiency for emerging food SMMEs. Interested consumers can learn more about Kasi Eats from Facebook and Twitter.

Kasi Eats is the last mile logistics for emerging markets across different sectors, particularly the food sector.




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