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Solar e Cycles is a Kenyan company concerned with the development of light self-regulating electric vehicles. Over its years of operation, they come up with ground-shaking achievements including a solar-powered light electric vehicle capable of covering a 50-kilometer distance a day without any other energy source. The development of ten (10) functional prototypes of solar-powered light electric vehicles and an operative PAYG business model were deployed across Africa.


By virtue of its aim of promoting Africa’s development through solar energy, Solar e Cycles is constantly at the forefront of an attempt to build affordable solar-powered light electric vehicles. Anyone interested in solar-powered products such as electric vehicles, scooters, etc., can contact the Kenyan company via its Facebook page.

This news is of immense benefit to Africans as Solar e Cycles keeps up the mission of deploying fairly-priced solar-powered vehicles in Africa’s far-flung communities, hence serving as tools of sustainable economic development.




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