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Kiira Motors is the 2007 initiative of Makerere University in conjunction with Uganda government via science and technology to boost the Ugandan Automotive industry. The aim of this initiative is to provide domestic job opportunities through economic diversification for the economy.

To back Makerere University up, the Uganda Investment Authority alloted about 100 acres of land of the Jinga Industrial and Business Park to Kiira. Kiira was brought up as a result of Vehicle Design summit 2.0 initiated by a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Some students and members of staff attended the event and in turn applied knowledge from the event towards the technological sector of Uganda. With this, Kiira Electric car was designed thus propelling the launch of Uganda’s first car in 2011. In addition to this, Kiira has produced Kiira EV SMACK and Kayoola Solar Bus.

In 2014, Kiira was officially incorporated as a company in affiliation with Uganda Government. This step is great news for Africa’s automobile and transportation sector as it opens door for international partnerships.  Kiira Motors can be contacted via LinkedIn for bookings and more information.





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