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Lionesses of Africa is a public benefit Corporation and a social community that was launched on 19 November 2014 by Melanie Hawken. It is passionate about women’s entrepreneurship in Africa. The mission of this community is to cause change on a large scale so that African women entrepreneurs can achieve the start-up of their dreams.

The support given to these women is done through mentoring programmes, entrepreneurship development programmes, business tools, digital media channels, networking events, community platforms, and information resources. Through this, Lionesses of Africa empowers them to improve their communities, generate economic prosperity, and become arrowheads in resolving Africa’s pressing socio-economic problems.

Over 600,00 people across 54 African countries are a part of Lionesses of Africa’s community, and this community’s reach extends to tens of thousands of people in the Diaspora in North America and Europe. Its media publicity on Instagram also marks a great feat in the empowerment and upliftingof startups and entrepreneurship for African women. The target of this corporation is to empower one million women entrepreneurs across Africa.

Lionesses of Africa is focused on increasing sustainable impact of women entrepreneurs in Africa.




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