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Having clean water for drinking is probably a problem every African country has faced and may be facing.  Kenya, the motherland of Beth Koigi the CEO of Majikwater is not an exception. In fact, some areas experience total drought sometimes. While she was yet in the University, she created a water filter. Her personal project is now a large-scale business and has sold more than 5000 across the country.

Img src: majikwater.co

Majikwater is making the most of a very natural source of water -“air”. The company uses hydrophilic materials and advanced technology to capture water. As a result, the concept is compared with the existing technology where solar tech is used to generate water each day.

Img src: majikwater.co

A prototype was tested at NASA Mountain View, California. Expected results include clean water at a minimal cost, pay per liter of water and a concept that works off the grid.  Majikwater is very much social with phenomenal discussions on their Twitter page and strides that will take Africa to the next level.  This initiative is great for other African Countries and creates openings for international partnership.






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