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mHub is a technology-oriented enterprise in Malawi. It is the first of its kind with working space in Blantyre with an office also in Zambia. This space is a social enterprise that works towards providing local Technological solutions. The hub is all about fresh ideas from young innovators and entrepreneurs alike. In lieu of this, the goal is to provide technical and business skills that will help create sustainable and workable business solutions.

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In addition to these, mHub has laid out a mentoring scheme for young entrepreneurs and innovators by experienced professionals.  The scheme aims at enhancing knowledge between old and new personnel in their respective industries. Also, it ensures all-round development while bringing the whole community together with a co-working space for everyone. With these, members can share ideas, provide solutions, interact and network.

As of now, mHub has trained more than 4000 youths on ICT and entrepreneurship. Members enjoy constant exposure on different platforms. mHub is a break from the norm in Africa thereby providing a new outlook and opening doors for international partnerships.







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