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The MIMO Brand is an Angolan manufacturing company specializing in the making and distribution of pastries distributed widely by Black Pearl. The company that started in 2015 has dedicated their time and expertise in creating delights using homemade recipes and traditional recipes that reflect the Angolan culture.

MIMO Brand - Vieews

MIMO has a range of cakes, baby fruit puree, toasts and cookies to cater to the cravings of children as well as adults with a sweet tooth. With the IFS and BRC international food safety certification, the company guarantees products with the highest quality. Products are also made with excellent resources like sunflower oil, soybean, and unhydrogenated vegetable fats to keep in line with the consumer’s healthy lifestyle.

MIMO has a non-stop product review and innovation to keep up with standards while still satisfying consumers with new products. You can check their progress and reviews on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This is great news for the Food/beverages sector of Angola as the brand showcases the rich, traditional taste of Angola as well as giving children and adults a chance to snack healthily.




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